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July 6, 2016
Rainbows with Dora
July 6, 2016

One-at-a-Time Tabata

  • When: 07/06/2016
  • Q: Scratch
  • Pax: Daisy, Money Bags, International, Organic Girl, Salsa, Dimes, JC (FNG)

Thanks to Bravo for providing the lion’s share of this workout! Original post: “Lion’s Den BB – Tabata with a Twist.” And welcome to FNG JC!!

Warm Up in Cadence:
10 windmills
10 cotton pickers with extension
10 marching high knees (touching hands to opposite knee, knee, toe, toe)
5 squat into a lunge on each leg (see POPSUGAR’S Carrie Underwood leg workout)
5 table saw

The Thang:
3 big tabata sets – 45 seconds on and 15 rest. Do AB SERIES between each tabata set. We didn’t have time for the final AB set at the end…but we got a great workout!!

1. R – squat into a lunge
2. L – squat into a lunge
3. Plié squat pulses
4. High knees (challenge: touch opposite knee, knee, toe, toe)
5. Weighted bridges
6. Butt kickers
7. Dead lifts
8. Fast paced burpee – no push-up

1. Plank jacks (challenge: add a tuck)
2. Renegade row
3. Mountain climbers
4. Table Saw
5. Plank butt kicks
6. Bicep curls
7. Tricep extension
8. Plank with shoulder taps

1. Chair hold
2. Plank
3. Static push-up (hold bottom of plank)
4. Boat
5. Reverse plank
6. Left side plank
7. Right side plank
8. Plie squat hold

AB SERIES – 30 sec each:
1. Russian twist
2. Elevated crunches
3. Reclining toe taps (challenge: straight legs)
4. Reverse crunches
5. Bicycle crunches

Cool Down/COT

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