Across the Court Mini AMRAPs
July 14, 2018
Foxtrot PB- callling Runners and Ruckers
July 14, 2018

OMG at Olander

  • When: 07/14/2018
  • Q: Taz
  • Pax: Nurse Ratchet, Mud, Wilson, Beeker, Hot Lips, Damon, Dusty (FNG), Steel Mags (FNG), Intern

The thang:

In-cadence jumping jacks x5
10 squat-to-toe raises
5 hip rota each side
5 side crunches each side
25 high knees

quick run out to the speed bumps to the right of the parking lot, then back to the other bumps, then back to our spot (nice little loop!)

stations: counted into groups of 2 or 3 and spent 3 minutes doing AMRAP:

station 1: frogs & arms
started with 10 jabs, then frog jump, then 10 hook punches, then frog jump, then 10 uppercuts, frog jump, 10 speed bag punches, frog jump, 10 fast fists-run to the beginning and start again!

station 2: agility “ladder” (self-drawn in sidewalk chalk-no tripping!)
-fast feet forward touching each spot-run back to start
-straddle jump across starting with one foot and alternating-run back to start
-both foot hops across ladder left to right-run back to start
**repeat until time was up

station 3: Arm blast
2-count pushups x5
10 mountain climbers
5 renegade rows right arm
5 renegade rows left arm

Station 4- glute work
weighted donkey kicks x10 each side
weight/kettlebell swings x10
deep squats x10
skaters x10 each side

ran another loop from speed bump to speed bump and back to our spot in the lot

then group ab work time!
plank hip dips x10 each side
hold plank 1 min-tap knees to mat and back throughout
10 leg lifts-slow and steady
1 min- leg lifts scissoring up and down
30 sec legs up, reach left-shoulders up!
30 sec legs up, reach right-keep the shoulders high!
10 full sit ups

one more loop to make sure those legs felt some work today

Finished with COT, named our two new gals, and everyone was off to a great Saturday!

This was the first one out at Olander, so by all means if there was something anyone would like to see done differently, or a different part of the park you would want to use, go for it! The whole park is our playground! Thanks to everyone for showing up, working hard, and sweating it out with me this morning! You ladies were awesome! If it weren’t for Nurse Ratchet’s attention to time, I would have had us doing another set of stations lol! #ithoughtwehadanhour #strongertogether #fiatoledo #thathumiditythough

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