12 Days of Christmas in July
July 9, 2018
A Mile of Exercises
July 9, 2018

Oldham County Soft Launch BackBlast

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: Pewee
  • Pax: Busy Bee, Laura Stimler (Chill Pill), Robyn Morris (Plethora), Kristy Crouch (Demolition), Danese Caley (Google), Angela Ice (Architect), Candy Thomas (Meryl)

Our PAX of eight was up before the sun to soft launch a new FiA AO for our Louisville region. We spent a few moments talking about the FiA philosophy with our six FNGs, and then got right to work! It was a beautiful morning, perfect weather to kick off a new AO.


Warm-up: We circled up, and each FiA took a turn running around the circle, we changed exercises each time someone returned: jumping jacks, squats, high knees, butt kickers, toe touch reach (each side).

Thang 1: 1-minute circuits, repeat

  • squats or jump squats
  • push-ups
  • lunges or lunges with front kick
  • dips
  • side plank dip
  • heels to heaven

Thang 2: 1/4 mile run, plank up when finished

Thang 3: Tabata superset mountain climbers/Carolina dry docks, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off…repeat four times

We then circled up for Mary, counting to ten reps in cadence:

  • LBCs
  • flutter kicks
  • Hello Dolly
  • Russian twists

NOR, COT, and as Chill Pill said, “What a great way to start the day!”

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