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January 8, 2018
1/8/18 Lion’s Den BB: The Track is Heated…
January 8, 2018

No Threat

  • When: 01/08/2018
  • Q: Excel 0.0
  • Pax: Tony, Triple Falls, Pixe, Clean Queen, Brony

The winter weather threat turned out to be phooey. Luckily 5 PAX joined me because I was a bit nervous pulling up and no one was there. It was a bit warmer (not really but it felt like it) and we all shed a layer no longer after we got started.

Warm up – Jog down to the pond..which was frozen and had 3 ducks hanging out. Kudos to Brony who had previously fed them some pancakes.

The Thang (yes I did this a few weeks ago..but I had all new participants. Life of an accountant is difficult this time of year)
Squat then lap
Squats = 50 then 40, then 30, 20, 10
Lap – walking lunge to the second light pole then run the remaining distance around the pond

20-Russian Twists
30-Toe Touch
20-Reverse Crunch
30-Bicyle Crunch
and Repeat

15 Vups
15 left side plank dip
15 up down plank
15 right side plank dip

3 minutes of calf raises
-1 minute toes forward, 1 minute toes out, 1 minute toes in

Prayers/Praises – we were al grateful for the warmer weather

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