Funday Monday
February 5, 2018
Beach Body Ready
February 5, 2018

No Super Bowl Hangover

  • When: 02/05/2018
  • Q: Rave
  • Pax: Drama Mama, Route 66

“No Super Bowl hangovers for this crew!”


Warm up:

Arm circles – front and back – 20

Arm circles – changing light bulb – 20

Through the tunnel – 15 times

Fast running/repeat at ¼ turns until a full rotation

Bear Crawl to middle of parking lot – run back

V arm raise – palms facing in to shoulder height – 20 slow

Pretzel Crunch – like bicycle – 20 each side

Donkey Kicks – 20 each side

Low squat lateral to middle of parking lot – run back

Shoulder press – palms facing in weights shoulder level

Hammer – 20 times

Fire hydrants – 20 each side

Low squat later to middle – other side – run back

Hillbillies – 10 times fast, 10 times slow – each side

Russian twist – with weights – 20 times each side

Curtsy lunges – 20 times each leg

Zombie Walker to middle – run back

Squat/butt kickers with weights – 20 each side

Raggedy Anns with weights – 20 each side

Inner thighs – on back – 20 (2 exercises) –no lexicons for these

We ended with a quick 2 laps around the back parking lot.



Based on Ezekiel 34:11 – 6 – “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them.”

Shrek was a renegade sheep. For six years he was missing from his New Zealand flock.  The person who found him in a cave on a mountain didn’t recognize him as a sheep.  He looked like some biblical creature, he said.  In a way, he was.  Shrek was a picture of what happens to sheep that become separated from their shepherd.

Shrek had to be carried down the mountain because his fleece was so heavy (60 pounds) he couldn’t walk down on his own. To remove his fleece, the shearer had to turn Shrek upside down so he would remain still and not be harmed.

Shrek’s story illustrates the metaphor Jesus used when He called himself the Good Shepherd (John 10:11) and when God referred to His people as His flock (Ezekiel 34:31).  Like Shrek, we don’t make good choices when we’re on our own, and we become weighed down with consequences. To relieve us of the weight, we may have to be on our backs for a time.  If so, it is good to remain still and trust the Good Shepherd to do His work.

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