The Rise & Grind Workout
June 26, 2018
Caliente héroe
June 26, 2018

No Slack Monday!!

  • When: 06/25/2018
  • Q: Salt
  • Pax: Lonestar, Pepper, Tres, Juice, Sunrise, Libero, Jetsetter, Jazzy, Windy, Snapchat

NO SLACK MONDAY! Motivation tips…Don’t be late…Don’t try to quit early….Don’t cheat your workout and definitely Don’t hold back!!! **just showing up doesn’t burn any calories.

I really tried the Partner workout to help keep everyone moving.

Warm up: Moroccan Nite clubs, tin mans, arm circles, lunges, squats

Mosey over to Winthrop picnic tables. We ran in front of Winthrop through the building cut through down to the tables.

Partner up:
Plank & Arm pushes 20 reps, the goal was to have some resistance from your partner for each arm push.
Single Arm Rotation Squats 20 reps (partners holding hands, squat together)
low plank, hop overs- one partner plank while other partner hops over line then squats, 20 times
Run & leg lifts
Chair Pose (wall sit) & tricep dips 45 sec
Glute Bridges with partner’s feet together, (feet together- lift up together) at least 10 reps
Bicycle Crunches with feet together as well. 40 reps
Alternating leg circles with partner 20 reps

Repeat all above with different partner

Run back to Parking lot,
Lunges and Stretch!
Overall we completed 1 mile run!!!

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