Werk it with Circuits – #hugh_mac ATTACK!
December 29, 2017
Count down to 2018
December 29, 2017


  • When: 12/28/2017
  • Q: Picker
  • Pax: Picker (QIC), Digger, Stroller, Cha Ching, Boomer, Salsa, Trails, OBX, Sparks


15 Cherry Pickers (IC)

10 Arm Circles forward (IC)

10 Arm Circles backwards (IC)

15 Squats (IC)

15 Ice Skaters (IC)

15 Jumping Jacks (IC)



You will start at one of five stations.  At each station there will be a Round 1 word workout associated with the new year and a Round 2 word workout associated with the new year.  Complete the first word at each station, then start back at your start station with the second word.

STATION 1-   NEW                           YEAR

STATION 2-   GOALS                       HABITS               

STATION 3-   HEALTH                     LOVE

STATION 4-    JOY                             EXERCISE

STATION 5-    PEACE                        MOTIVATE

A- 25 Jumping Jacks                                      X-20 LBCs

B- 25 Little Baby Crunches                           Y- 25 Supines

C- 10 Burpees                                                  Z- 30 Bicep Curls

D- 10 Push-Ups

E- 30 Squats

F- 20 forward arm circles

G- 25 Mountain Climbers

H- 25 Raggedy Anns

I- 1 Minute Plank (Count To 60)

J- 25 Plank Jacks

K- 25 Supines

L- 25 Overhead Presses

M- 25 Squats

N- 30 Imperial Walkers

O- 20 V-Ups

P- 40 Butt Kicks

Q- 20 Ice Skaters

R- 20 Butt Bridges

S- 25 Tricep Dips

T- 30 Bicep Curls

U- 10 Burpees

V- 20 Backward Arm Circles

W- 25 Jump Ropes

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