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October 16, 2017
October 16, 2017

New Canton AO – Bringing the ladies together in Veterans Memorial Park

  • When: 10/14/2017
  • Q: Chocolate Chip & WW
  • Pax: Lucky Charms, Chocolate Chip, Sweet Tooth, Straight Shooter, Party Cloudy, Whole Coconut, Wonder Woman

Week #1 at our new AO – Veterans Memorial Park –  This is our first workout at this beautiful new AO. We had a 7 PAX . (One not pictured)  THREE new FNG’S to name. We meet at the playground.

Our start is with a short introduction to our new amazing group. The hope and expectations of the up and coming weeks and months.

The first half of the workout was lead by Chocolate Chip. We started with an Indian Run while we all told each other our favorite movies. Wonder Woman is my favorite movie… of course! Then we planked for a few minutes till the last few of our FiA group walked back to the workout spot. Always starting and ending together.

Workout: The workout starting with 11’s – Burpees & Squats. Next was a Tabata with step-ups, planks, curtsy lunges, high knees and Russian twists. Wow…what a killer start.

The second half was lead by Wonder Woman.

Workout: Dora with 100 Dips, 200 Air presses & 150 boat/canoes. The collective totals were counted by the ones doing the exercises. The other partner took a quick walk or ran around the restrooms and circled back to the playground picnic tables. Always moving! The fallow up to the Dora was a little sister circle time. We all stood in a circle and did windmills then a lung. Windmills then a lung… etc. One at a time the FNG’s told us a little bit about themselves. We now have three new amazing new FiA sisters. Party Cloudy, Whole Coconut & Straight Shooter!!

Party Cloudy – Kept it moving at all times and pushed it till the very end.

Whole Coconut – master the boat/canons and kept her partner strong.

Straight Shooter – She has great dip form. She modified and made it happen.

Sweet Tooth – It was so good to have her join us again at our new AO. She rocks a workout!

Lucky Charms – worked very hard and never stopped moving. Get it girl.

Chocolate Chip – Created a great work out to start us off and get us moving. She has passion and power in all her moves and never slacks in form.

Very proud of our amazing group of fabulous ladies that will call this AO home. The beat downs have begun and they will continue. So excited of our start and to see how big this group will grow.

Wonder Woman

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  1. Hermione_GA says:

    So proud of our newest location!! Way to get moving ladies 🙂

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