PB – Comet – AMRAP’s in the a.m.
June 26, 2018
The Rise & Grind Workout
June 26, 2018

Never miss a Monday!

  • When: 06/25/2018
  • Q: Glenda
  • Pax: Benjamin Button, Lilac, Footloose, Eclipse, Flesh Wound, Betsy Ross, Kool Aid, Roar, Ranger, Chicklet, Zombie Bride

What a great turnout for a Monday morning!  It’s nice to see some new morning faces, and hats off to those teachers on summer break and getting it done at 5:30am!

Disclaimer and Warmup

The Thang –

Tabata: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeat 8 times.  1 minute between exercises.

Round 1 – Mountain climbers

Round 2 – Squats (jump squats for extra intensity)

Round 3 – Tricep dips (on curb)

Round 4 – Curtsy lunges

Round 5 – Push ups

Round 6 – Jumping jacks (burpees for extra intensity)

Round 7 – Glute bridges (one legged, switch legs each round, for extra intensity)

Round 8 – Planks


COT and no words of wisdom, but make it a great week!

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