Buns and Arms
October 21, 2017
October 21, 2017

Never Have I Ever

  • When: 10/20/2017
  • Q: Traveler
  • Pax: Daisy, Ice Mom, Monster Mom, Moon Rabbit, Scratch

Warm up:

Cotton pickers with extension
Storm troopers
Toy soldiers
Big arm circles – 5 each direction
Jumping jacks
Short run



10 questions with 1 minute exercise each, followed by abs, followed by another round of questions as time allowed.

Q1:  Never have I ever stolen office supplies from work.  If guilty, high knee skip.  If not guilty, tricep dips.
Q2:  If guilty, ice skaters.  If not guilty, squats.
Q3:  If guilty, mountain climbers.  If not guilty, spiderman.
Q4:  If guilty, butt kicks.  If not guilty, walking lunges.
Q5:  If guilty, plank jacks.  If not guilty, plank.
Q6:  If guilty, high knees.  If not guilty, sit ups.
Q7:  If guilty,  burpees.  If not guilty, push ups.
Q8:  If guilty, jumping jacks.  If not guilty, Russian twist.
Q9:  If guilty, sprint.  If not guilty, wall sit.
Q10:  If guilty, jump squats.  If not guilty, squat kicks.


45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest
back scratchers
flutter kicks
bicycle crunches

Stretch and cool down

It was fun getting to know a little more about each other, including who has ridden a mechanical bull and who has found themselves in handcuffs.  But don’t worry – what happens at FiA, stays at FiA!


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