Workout TitleLocationDay of WeekStartEndWorkout StyleSite Q
Nancy Kiser Park in CarthageMonday5:30 pm 6:15 pmBootcamp
Tuft's Park, Pinehurst (center of the village, just beside the library)Monday / Thursday5:00 am5:45 amBootcampBeaker / Bobcat
Sandhurst Park, Southern Pines (134 Bancroft Ct.)Monday / Tuesday / Thursday 8:45 am9:30 amBootcampVenus / Glitter Bomb
Pinecrest High School track (250 Voit Gilmore Lane, Southern Pines)Tuesday5:00 am5:45 amRunning
Cannon Park, Pinehurst Saturday8:15 am9:15 amBootcampPepper

Please continue to check back often for new locations!