Cougar Town back-blast 7.9.18
July 9, 2018
Body Weight Tabata
July 9, 2018

Music, Chatter And Pain

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: High Life
  • Pax: Steeler, Explorer, Globetrotter, Forrest, Trigger, Marge, Frisk, Cav

Had fun today! Little breeze.


45 sec run in place increase your bust
15 IC old school toe touches
20 front  ic arm circles w heel taps then back
Run to bricks
Partner up
1 min sit ups pass the bricks
1min plank partner jump over
1 min Russian twists pass the bricks
1 min jump squats clap
1 min sit ups partner Mtn climbers
10 IC High kicks w claps
20 IC Prisoner squats with alt kicks
30 push-ups
40 high knee heel touches
50 calf raises
1 min plank alt kicks
Go to planters
15 r side stepsquat
15 l side step squat
15 inclined push-ups
15 tricep dips
30 Toe taps
1 min plank windshield wipers
2o Hello dollies
20 IC crab toe touches
God is our Anchor

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