PB: Last Steel Magnolias of 2017!
December 26, 2017
Cometpreblast-new toys!!
December 26, 2017

Multitasking at Flight Deck

  • When: 12/23/2017
  • Q: SweatShop?
  • Pax: FLOTUS, Grizzly, Pan am, Pep Rally

Not sure how I ended up writing the backblast, but something about Q sheet was empty, site Q liked our crazy ideas, so here it is…


Warm up-

Jog over to the bus loop

Through the tunnel

Chain breakers

Arm circles
The Thang-
Pax relay- one pax runs the bus loop and other pax complete an exercise until pax returns from run. Sweatshop brought brick suitcases in case someone wanted to do laps with them, if memory is correct, I was the lone pax that chose to run without them! Allegedly SweatShop carried both of them for two laps, cannot confirm or deny, so it must be truth!!!
– X Squats
– Plank Hold
– Wall Sit
– Squats
– One hand push ups
Somehow we get to talking about Fingerlings, there was some frustration over paying $25 at Learning Express or from some weirdo in a parking lot. There was a rumor Walgreen’s had received a shipment of Fingerlings, so what do multitasking FiAs do, mosey over to Walgreen’s to confirm this rumor.
– Lunge walk to the street
– Run across the street
– Sprint into Walgreen’s and get reprimanded by the store clerk
– Confirm there are Fingerlings
– Pep Rally saves the day, holds a squat in line while the guy in front of her wipes out the entire inventory of smokes, and pays with her watch!
– While pax wait on Pep Rally, complete dips and push ups on the stairs
Back to the bus loop for 11 days of Christmas, between each set, lap around the bus loop. Pax choice for exercises-
1. Burpee
2. Tuck Jumps
3. V Sit Ups
4. Diamond Push Ups
5. Toy Soldiers
6. Honest Sit Ups
7. Monkeys
8. Deadlift with a Hop
9. Heismans
10. Side Plank Arm Lifts
11. Leg circles

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