Nothing Pumps Me Up Like Trolls II
June 29, 2018
Friday Fun
June 29, 2018

Muggy Traveling

  • When: 06/29/2018
  • Q: Bookie
  • Pax: Running Horse, Motor Yacht, Bahama Mama, Aqua, Lucky Charms, Deuce

It was a hot and muggy morning with no breeze, but we traveled all around the campus of the high school.

Warm up was high knees in cadence, air presses in cadence, 10 windmills, 10 frankensteins

Thang: We ran to the poles that divide the parking lot and did 2 burpees at each pole (14 total). Ran to the front of the school where we did 20 push ups off the flower bed wall, then we did 10 each leg lopsided squats on the curb. Then we ran towards the tennis courts and did 10 jumping jacks at each sign down the parking lot. Then we played with the tires. We flipped tires to the fence and back to the building. We did  20 tricep dips on the tires, and then 30 total fast step ups on the tires. We went over to the pull up bars and did 10 assisted pull ups. We ran out to the track and did 15 in & out crunches, 15 heels to heaven and 15 Russian twists. Next, we ran 3 bleacher snakes. (The faster runners did planks until all PAX were finished). Next we did 2- 1 minute wall sits over at the concession stand.

Long stretch at the end, COT and name-o-rama!

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