Steel Mags PB
June 12, 2018
June 12, 2018


  • When: 06/11/2018
  • Q: Sunshine
  • Pax: FNG Wanderer, BEast, Snuggie, Lucky, Firewall, War Eagle, Benjamins, Glee(Lexington), Triple Play, Survey Says, Derby, Restless, Hershey, Wedding Crasher, Gossip Girl, Sassy, Chaps, Sunshine

arm circles
toy soldiers
scoop chickens

Sally: plank up\downs brooke burkes during claps

10 burpees
20 pushups
30 sit throughs
40 squat&lunge
50 flutters

Run to one end of parking lot and do one exercise
1) 10 burpees

Repeat circuit
2)20 pushups
Repeat circuit
3)30 sit throughs
Repeat circuit
only got in 15 skater squats

LIft lift lower lower 60 sec
same side side plank 30 sec
30 sec side plank with hip dips and leg lifts 15 sec each

switch sides repeat
OUT OF TIME! We changed up the circuit after the second set from squat lunges to figure 4’s

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