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July 2, 2018
Motivation Monday
July 2, 2018

Monday Morning Mash-Up

  • When: 07/02/2018
  • Q: FiAHamm
  • Pax: Play Doh, Mounds, Twin Halves, Scissor Sweep, Hands On Mom, Cool Runnings, Tres Kapowski

It was a hot, humid morning, but we made it through with my Monday Morning Mash Up.  I used a few different Q’s from before, threw them into the melting pot and stirred this workout up.

Happy Birthday Cool Runnings and great to see you back out at The Station Play Doh! 

Warm Up: 

  • Bear Crawl with push up going up the small stadium steps (push up on each step)
  • Squat jump on each step on the way down.  9 on the top step, 8 on the next, 7…..1 on the bottom
  • 5 Burpees for the Train
  • 10 Mountain Climbers then step (or Box Jump) up the big stadium steps
  • Dips on the way down. 8 on the top step, 7….1 on the bottom.

The Thang: 

We did 3 series of Tabatas – working for 1 min, with 15-30 sec. rest – with a run in between each series.

  • Lateral Squat Jump – 3 to the Right, 3 to the left
  • High Knees Toe Touch
  • Air Humpers
  • Fighter Stance Squat – 10 low/10 high

Run up front entrance, around perimeter and back

  • Hand Release Push Ups
  • Bear crawl forwards and backwards
  • Dive Bombers
  • Supermans


  • Burpees
  • Star Fish
  • Squat Jacks (sumo squat, jump into chair pose, back to sumo squat)
  • Hold Boat Pose – Legs up/down for 5 then alternate to upper body up/down for 5.

Run one more time.

Mini Ab Series: 20 Reps for all exercises.

  • Leg Lifts
  • Big Leg Scissors
  • Hold 6″ – in/out
  • V-Ups
  • Backscratchers


  • Twin Halves – Starting the search for a new home – Prayers for an easy time/sanity/finding a GREAT new home for her family
  • Mounds – Praise – kitchen is in working order!!
  • Happy Birthday Cool Runnings!!  Keep kicking butt out here 🙂


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