The Return of The DEFENDER
March 6, 2018
March 6, 2018

Monday Fail- FiA never does!

  • When: 03/05/2018
  • Q: Mathlete
  • Pax: FiA Hamm, Terminator 2, Mounds, Tres Kapowski

Warm Up -(no thanks to me and my dog Madge)

Jumping Jack – 20 cadence count

Imperial Walkers – 20 double count

Windmill Toe Touches – 20


Work Out!

Plank Walk around play ground

Run to cul de sac  for:

20 mountain climbers – double count

20 spider man – single count

20 plank jacks – single count

Lunge half way to fountain – side step in squat position the rest of the way  (switching sides half way)

20 box jumps at fountain

side shuffle to front of park (switch sides half way)

10 burpees at entrance of park

run to steps at the pond

30 calf raises (10 regular – 10 toes out – 10 toes in)

run to swings around pond

10 swinging cruches (not sure what these are really called – feet on swing, while in plank position crunch feet in towards arms)

run back to shelter/playground

10 pull up’s (jumping to help)

30 super mans

run back to cul de sac

repeat everything through the box jumps at the fountain…


50 crunches

40 bicycles

30 air humpers

20 star fish sit ups

10 leg raise V ups


Prayers and Praises:

Praises for Sarah’s grandmother getting a pace maker put in and returning home safely from the hospital.

Prayers for Savannah as she returns back to work this week from maternity leave. (You got this, girl!!)

Prayers for my bad morning!! 🙂


Thanks for making it out and making my day better!


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