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May 14, 2017
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May 15, 2017

Mommy & Me Workout

  • When: 05/13/2017
  • Q: Bad A$$
  • Pax: Socket, Gypsy, Closer, Fro, Terp, Honeydew, Book Worm, Ender (Bolt), Jackson (BB-8)

In honor of this weekend being Mother’s Day we had a kid-friendly workout. (The impetus being that I had a Mother’s Day Brunch immediately following the workout so my daughter didn’t have a choice but to come with me! Ha!)  There were 7 PAX and 3 mini-PAX so it worked out well for our partner exercises. We had an easy warmup and then proceeded into the real workout.

The Thang

Chasing After Your Kids– The kids (or partner, referred to as the “Big Kid”) started off down the track and the “Mom” had to do 10 pushups before sprinting after them. We then traded off. The next sprint was a little longer distance. The exercises was 10 sit-ups. The last sprint was the full length of the straight-away. The person doing the chasing had to do 5 burps before taking off.


Tunnel of Planks– The “moms” held a plank while the “kids” had to crawl through the tunnel. We rotated through the group so everyone had a chance to crawl through the tunnel. (The little kids thought it was super fun to crawl underneath all of us!)


Wheel Barrows & Leap Frogs– Self explanatory. Wheel barrows to one side of the grassy area and then leap frogs back. Then switch with your partner and do it again. (My 9 year old daughter tried holding me up by putting my ankles on her shoulders. I think we made it about half-way!)


Roll The Dice– We went around the group giving everyone a chance to roll the dice. The number that you rolled was assigned to an exercise. Then you rolled the dice again to see how any of the exercise to do. There were lots of arm circles and pushups. Not quite sure how that happened! Holy shoulders!


Spell Your Name Workout-Each letter of the alphabet correlated to a different exercise. We started off using my daughter’s name (Meghan) but for the sake of time switched to just the first letter in your name as we went around the group. We quickly realized there were lots of people with the letter M (20 pushups) and the letter S (15 pushups.) Needless to say we got “creative” and used a wider variety of letters to finish out the exercises.


We got to name 2 new “Mini-Pax” on Saturday. If you see Honeydew’s son around be sure to call him “Bolt” because he was lightning fast on the track. Usain might have some competition in the next Olympics.  And Terp’s son came from a galaxy far, far away but still made it to Saturday’s workout earning his name BB-8 (or just BB.)


Thanks to everyone that came out! Happy Mother’s Day!

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