1/11 Juke Box Hero BB
January 11, 2018
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January 11, 2018

  • When: 01/11/2018
  • Q: Chocolate Chip
  • Pax: Straight Shooter, Whole Coconut, Wonder Woman, Chocolate Chip

I am not gonna lie…it was a struggle dragging myself out of bed this morning.  I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.  But – I had the Q, so I convinced myself that it was sooooo much warmer than the last 2 Thursdays and up I got…  It was warmer(ish), but it was super windy and misty.  I got us moving pretty quickly to get warm – I couldn’t do much about the wet…sorry ladies!

We had a bit of an audience this morning too 🙂  A few AT&T trucks were in the parking lot when we pulled up.  I am not sure if they were sleeping or killing time (at 5 am) but they got an early morning wake up with our music and me yelling across the parking lot 🙂

The Thang:

We started with some interval running.  We ran at a steady pace for 1 minute then went harder for 30 seconds.  We did 10 rounds.

Then we did some circuit work – AMRAP in 50 seconds with a 10 second transition.  We made it through twice.

  1. Caterpiller – Walk out with your hands to a plank position, reset pushup, walk back in repeat
  2. Air squat with bicep curl
  3. Step ups with knee drive
  4. Russian twist with weight
  5. Carolina Dry Docks
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Glute Bridge with Chest Press
  8. Upright rows with weights
  9. Pushups
  10. Squat with curl press

I am glad I got out of bed this morning, I am glad I went, I am glad I am a little bit stronger because of it!  I love the idea of having people – people to help lift you up, help make you stronger, to hold you accountable.  I love the idea of being active and getting stronger – not just physically – and having friends to do it with!

Thank you ladies for being my people!!!

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