Four Corners Tabata Style
January 12, 2018
Billy Joel PreBlast – 1/13
January 12, 2018

Mini 4 Corners – Enjoying the Rain!

  • When: 01/12/2018
  • Q: Thimble
  • Pax: Fiber, Junker (FNG-Katie), Thimble

3 strong at the Block this morning! It was raining, but seriously so nice outside! 63 degrees in January is such a treat, even in the rain!

To warm up, we took a lap around the church the back way to scope out a new place on-site for a workout- hooray for lights and a new place to change it up a bit!

Then welcomed a newcomer- Katie- now known as Junker.

Since it was raining we set up under the awning at the church for 4 corners- the miniature version.

Station 1 Abs: 30 second plank, 20 imperial walkers, 20 Russian twists, 10 Peter parkers.

Station 2 Legs: 20 lunges (with optional dumbbell curl), 20 squats (with optional side leg lift), 20 sumo squats.

Station 3 Arms: 20 bicep curls, 20 tricep extensions, 20 overhead shoulder press, and 10 push up (Hooray for Fiber with the decline push ups! You rock!)

Station 4 Cardio:  10 burpees and a rainy run in the rain, or 30 JJ.

We went AMRAP style until 6:09 and changed gears to bring back Stripper’s 3 minute butt workout:
30 sec of donkey kicks R, 30 sec L
30 sec fire hydrants R, 30 sec L
30 sec posterior leg lifts R, 30 sec L.
I forgot how much that burns!


Thanks for joining me, Fiber and Junker!

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