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July 10, 2018
Killer Queen
July 10, 2018

Mile High Club

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: Mud
  • Pax: 16 pax Old School, Chick-fil-a, Jack, Holy Toledo, Java, Nomad, Amigo, Schwartzy, Double Shot, Nurse Ratchet, Swank, Busy Bee, Allegro, 2 FNGs Lightning McQueen and Venus!!

Monday morning 7/9/2018 at the Den

The Thang:
4 stations were set up every 100m around the track. We stopped at each station to complete the listed exercise for the lap we were running for a total of 4 times around the track.
Station exercises as follows:
Bicep curl to OH press
Front to back tricep ext
Mtn climbers
Russian twists
Bicycle crunch
Oblique plank
Donkey kicks
Fire hydrants
Prisoner squats
Warrior pose
Squat w lateral leg raise
Wide stance squat

To get to each station we ran, sprinted, frog jumped, lunged, side shuffled, bear crawled and did imperial walkers

Great start to the day. I was feeling it by 3:00 this afternoon for sure!

Mud 😘xo

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