July 9, 2018
July 10, 2018

Memorial Tabata Circuit

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: Terminator 2
  • Pax: Fia Hamm, Twin Halves, Hands on Mom, Blaze, Mounds, Scissor Sweep, Mzungu

Warm up: 25 jumping jacks, 15  imperial walkers, 15 windmills

Jog to Memorial Methodist Church

The Thang: Tabata Circuit- 3 rounds of 5 exercises for 50 seconds each with 10 second break, weights were choice of cinderblock or 1-2 bricks

  1. weighted squats, bicep curls, Peter Parker/Spiderman, bent-over tricep extensions, man-makers
  2. weighted lunges, overhead presses, plank jacks, lateral raises/flies, kettle bell swing
  3. weighted sumo squats, bent-over row, mountain climbers, bent-over flies, alternating block pushups

Mary: keeping with 50 second exercise intervals- swing tucks, pike leg lifts

jog back to the park

dealers choice (still 50 seconds each)- tea cup squats, table top leg extensions

Circle of Trust: Blaze’s family traveling Wednesday, will be her daughters’ first flight. Pray for peace for one who struggles with anxiety.


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