Retail Therapy Pre-Blast
March 12, 2018
Monday Improv
March 12, 2018

March Madness Booty Burner!

  • When: 03/10/2018
  • Q: Fonda
  • Pax: Cheez-It, Nightingale, homes, sporty spice, Ginger, Click, Treble, Phelps, Florette, Snow White, Dorothy, Creole, Joker, Mad Dog, Fonda, corabelle, Paycheck, NASA, The Fed, Marvel, Lady A, Philly, Cool Runnings, Spokes, Beaker, Piece of cake, LGS, Sisqo, Sox, Axel

Another chilly morning, but by the end we were in tank tops and sweating to 80s music with glutes on FIRE!

Warm up:
Air squats
Lateral lunges
Deep squat while moving Shopkins around

Dynamic warm up:
Walking lunge to the tennis net x2
Side shuffle to the tennis net
Partner lunges
Partner planks

Song-based workout to 80s music:

PUSH IT: reverse lunges (dumbbell optional) –> jump lunges
DEVIL INSIDE: squats (dumbbell optional) –> squat to press with single dumbbell
MANIAC: football shuffle –> skater jumps
WHIP IT: crouch to high plank (or snatch) –> push ups
BETTE DAVIS EYES: glute bridge (band optional) –> weighted glute bridge with dumbbell
KISS: Bicycle –> hollow hold

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