Sweaty Saturday @Greenmile
June 19, 2017
PB: Diva Run, how I’ve missed you!
June 19, 2017

Manic Monday Madness @Gridiron

  • When: 06/19/2017
  • Q: Streaker
  • Pax: Streaker, Coop, Yappers, Bullseye, Upstream, King Pin, Scratch, Bonfire, Green Thumb, Puck, Cyclops, PaperMate, Wolf Pack, Olaf, Nike, Stitch, Hot Lips, Vintage, Zombie (Jac), Free Fall (Eunice), Rip Tide (Tabitha), Scope (Angie), Pyro, Stately Lady, Hops, Murray, Captain, Bluegrass, Salute, Bunson, Scoops

32 Pax with 4 FNGs came out to Gridiron for a Tabata style circuit workout. I think the Pax realized quickly that I had not gotten enough sleep because I couldn’t seem to count, tell time or get my music to work! But they hung in there with me and we made it through another humid summer workout!

Warm Up

15 TTT

15 IW

15 JJ

Count off for Stations

Station 1 – Push Ups

Station 2 – Jump Squats

Station 3 – KB Swings

Station 4 – Around the World Lunges

Station 5 – BGSU

Round 1 – Each Station for 1 min with 15 Seconds Rest

Round 2 – Each Station for 45 seconds with 30 second Rest

Round 3 – Each Station for 30 seconds with 45 seconds rest

Round 4 – Each Station for 45 seconds with 30 second rest

Round 5 – Each Station for 1 min with 15 second rest

20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 Heel Taps


FiA/F3 Family Workout on July 1st at 8am @ LHS

Regular FiA workout at LHS at 7am on July 1st

FiA 3 Year Celebration on June 29th – Details to come

Still Collecting Shoes till June 30th

Prayer Requests:

Green Thumb’s daughter is having allergy testing today

Devotion – Galatians 6:9



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