The One Where the Q Had Her Act Together, Until She Didn’t
July 13, 2018
July 13, 2018


  • When: 07/13/2018
  • Q: Titanium
  • Pax: Baller (FNG), Dr Pepper, Bolt, Nole, She Rah (FNG), Queso, Sparkles (FNG), Foodie (FNG), Sky Goddess, Titanium

Great turnout for our Lunge-o-Rama this morning and welcome to our 4 FNGs!  These FNGs didn’t know that they were going to experience lunges and “boyfriends” (Bulgarian Bags) on their first FiA workout, but everybody crushed it!  Smiles and hustles all around!  Thanks to Queso who helped with explanations and modifications!

After a quick warm up, we ran to the pavilion for the first set of exercises.  After 10 reps, we ran to the boyfriends/weights for 10 reps of the second exercise.  Continue reps until next song, then lunges across the parking lot to a song with an exercise every time a word or phrase is repeated in the song.  (Thanks, Hermione, for that inspiration with Saturday’s Ghostbuster!)

The Thang:

Song Pavilion (10) Boyfriends (10)
Glow In the Dark Tricep Dips Mountain Climbers
Happy Lunge / Froggers Travel
Gold Reverse Crunches Hammer Curls
Timber Side Lunge / Switch Directions Travel
Feel It Still Glute Bridge Lift Kettlebell Swings
No Excuses (“Someone else”) Lunge / Squat Press Travel
Classic Sit Ups w/ Punch Bent Rows
Ex’s & Oh’s Reverse Lunge / Out & In Jumps Stationary
I Love It Side Plank / Reach Through Overhead Press

Baller and She Rah were leading the pack like FiA pros!  Dr Pepper didn’t slow down and Nole hit those lunges with gusto.  Sky Goddess and her friends Foodie and Sparkles looked like they were having a good time hammering out the sets between the pavilion and boyfriends/weights. Of course, Bolt was quick in the sets and the lunges – just trying to keep up with you, Bolt!

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