Nine Rounds
February 23, 2018
The Dirty Dozen
February 23, 2018

A little bit of everything including port-a-pottys

  • When: 02/23/2018
  • Q: Steel
  • Pax: Globetrotter, Cabbie, Primanti, Wild Cat, Flying Pig, Lederhosen, KimPossible, Salsarita, Baby Cakes

Jumping jacks-20c
Butt kickers-20c
Side to side lunges-10c
Air circles-10
Jog down hill to lower parking lot

1 minute plank
Mini Hiit workout
High 20 seconds/Low 20 seconds x4/20 second rest

1 High-squat jacks
Low- slow butt kickers

2 High-Donkey kicks
Low-dirty dogs

3 High-mt climbers

4 High-crab kicks
Low-russian twists

5 High-jump squats
Low-alt lunges

6 High-froggers

7 High-star jumps
Low-squats with calf raise

1 minute plank

Run up hill to back parking lot

1 skier squat (unless you want to do both sides to be even)/run down to middle of parking lot
10 air presses

Abs-4 minutes (30 seconds each exercise until minute plank)
Flutter kicks
Hip bridges
Heels to heaven
One minute plank

The Skinny:

Loved having 9 ladies join me this AM for a bootcamp.  I felt like it had been awhile since I’ve Qed one, so a 60degree morning was perfect.  We got in a little bit of everything; mini HIIT workout, avoided the truck dropping off the port-a-pottys (not much surprises me at this hour anymore), tackled the hill, 11s, and got our 3 minutes in for those in the plank challenge.  These ladies push themselves while making me laugh and enjoy sweating.


Chelsea and Savannah night (7-9pm) on Saturday.  You can pre-pay via the link on Facebook or just show up.  This is a fun event and a great way to get to know the girls better.

Prayers for Lederhosen’s cousin, Salsarita’s husband and his new job, Praises for Baby Cakes back down to pre-baby weight and for us tackling that hill.

LOVE starting my morning off with you AMAZING ladies.

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