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March 8, 2016
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March 8, 2016

Like a Boss!

  • When: 03/05/2016
  • Q: Cajun Queen
  • Pax: Charleston!

Sappy post: March 5th was my 31st birthday. When I first started FiA 34 weeks ago, I got sick after my first workout and could not even do ONE sit-up.


I have always considered myself pretty athletic but after kids, life, moves, let downs my fitness was out on the back burner. I was one of the people who struggled with what’s exciting about me other than I am a mom and wife when figuring out my FiA name. I didn’t know how to identify myself outside of that stay at home mom/wife role which now when I look back makes me sad that there are women who just identify as that. Because one day there will be no kids at home anymore. I love being a mommy and wife but my identity has gotten lost over the years. My identity in Christ as well.


FiA has not only made me physically strong, but spiritually strong. It has also helped me to be more confident in my art, by the amazing support I receive from my FiA girls. I now tell everyone about FiA because I want them to experience the life change that I have. I am more than a mom and a wife. I am a princess of a King, a friend, an artist, an athlete, BUT also a mom and proud wife. My identity is found and I am so thankful.  I can do 100 sit ups like its nothing, run several miles, do burpees, wake up at 4:40 three times a week and tackle my day like a BOSS and I truly believe it’s because of FiA and Jesus. (Not bragging here just trying to say if you’re scared about FiA remember I threw UP my first time {ew} and couldn’t sit up once. We all need to start somewhere).


For the first time in a LONG time, after years of moving, transitioning from crazy college days to motherhood, to becoming saved I feel like I have true friends who make me want to be better physically and spiritually and emotionally. And for that I am so thankful. You ladies inspire me, encourage me and support me. Love me at my worse and at my best. When I first started I had no idea I would gain a new group of friends. This past year has been the best yet and make saying 31 this month not so bad. So thank you, FiA!

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  1. ChiaPet says:

    Congrats on your progress Cajun Queen! It sure is a wild ride for us women as we go from college to work to become Mom’s and to find peace as a stay at home mom or working outside home mom. So glad you found FIA and are part of it! Everyday is so much brighter with FIA. 🙂

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