Sweaty Circuit
July 2, 2018
UNO- Ruck Training
July 2, 2018

  • When: 07/02/2018
  • Q: Excel 0.0
  • Pax: Quad Keys, Sandbox, Executor, One More, Brony, Pixel, Lonestar, BB

8 PAX joined me on another sweaty summer morning at Legacy. I have no witty remarks. We got right to it.

Warm up – grab your belongings and jog down to the pond

The Thang
50 – Squats
Run halfway around the pond
50 – Incline push ups using the fence (decline if you wanted an extra challenge)
Run back to the start and repeat with 40 squats/push ups, 30,20,10

Next up – a little inner thigh work
Sumo toe taps – 10
Sumo heel ups – 10
Sumo pulse – 10
Sumo squats – 10
Sumo kicks – 10
Repeat 3 times

Down to the mat for the following
Clams – 10
Inner thigh lift – 20
Perform on each side – Rinse and repeat

Abs – 30 seconds of each
1/2 V-ups
Alt elbow to knee
Flutter kicks
Back Scratchers
Heels to heaven
Rinse and repeat

Awesome job ladies!!!

Prayers and Praises
Sandbox – Husbands job search
BB – Praise and Prayers her sister is coming to visit for the 4th
Pixel – healing for her neck

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