7’s and 11’s and all sorts of fun…
January 11, 2018
How many diamonds are in the deck?.. 💎
January 12, 2018

  • When: 01/10/2018
  • Q: Lazy Bones
  • Pax: Sketch, Riptide, Ultra, H2O, Chai. Meryl Streep: H2O. Respect.


Sketch reporting for Lazy Bones this week. Lazy Bones is one of our most dedicated new recruits, often attending back to back workouts on Wednesday evening and Thursday mornings…not 12 hours apart, so we were not surprised that she rocked her VQ with a great HIIT format that was accompanied by a great Pandora station. My personal favorite: Crunch w/ press.

Warm up: arm circles, windmills IC & jumping jacks

The thang:

Do each set twice

45 sec exercise 15 sec rest with a 45 sec rest between sets

Crunch & press w/ weights

Glute bridge

Toe touches

Russian twists w/ weights

Plank jacks

Lunges w/ weights

Bicycle crunch

Fire hydrants

Tricep dips

Donkey kicks

Butt kicks


Push ups with arm raise/row w/ weights

Squat jumps

Front shoulder raise w/ weights

Followed up with Sally glute bridges

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