Dodecahedron and Determination
December 30, 2017
Last workout of 2017 at AO Foxtrot!
December 30, 2017

Last workout of 2017 was a “ball”

  • When: 12/30/2017
  • Q: Jazzy
  • Pax: Splinter, Hood, Yankee, Lonestar, Beehive, Pacer, Salt, Juice, Catch, Libero, Sike, Pele, Notes, Jazzy

Wow, last FiA workout of 2017! I wanted to have some fun with this one so I looked up fun workout games. I found the Tennis Ball Madness and Cone Flip games on Great website if you’re running out of Q ideas and want to try something different. I modified/added in a few of my own touches to the workouts. 🙂 We definitely had a blast with some laughs and a good workout to end 2017. So here’s how it went:


Warmup: Speed Walk Tag

Get 4 cones and set it up in a square.  Adjust depending on how many people you have (I ended up progressively making the square smaller as we went to make it a bit more fun 🙂 ).

Once tagged, you can either do jumping jacks or hold a squat until someone unfreezes you. You can only be unfrozen when a person crawls between your legs.

Pick a person to start  and every 45 seconds or so, switch  up the tagger. We played for about 10 minutes.

Workout: Tennis Ball Madness 

Equipment needed: 16 tennis balls, 8 cones, 2 heavy Medicine Balls ( I only had one 8lb. medicine ball so we used a 12lb. kettle bell for the other)

Set up for Tennis Ball Game:

You’ll first need to write the specified exercises on each ball. One exercise per ball. (I went over each exercise beforehand so there isn’t a lot of confusion during the game/competition).

2 sets of 8 cones were set out up a hill in a straight line (as straight as I could get it), with a good distance between each one. (I don’t measure, I just eyeball it and put some good space between them, which will take the last cone to the top of the hill.)

Separate into two equal (fitness level) teams.

Place one ball, in any order, at each cone.

One team will line up in front of the first cone, and the second team will do the same with the second set of cones. When you say go, each team sends a player out to retrieve a tennis ball from any, but only one of the cones. They will bring the tennis ball(s) back and as a team, you do the exercise written on the ball(s). Once everyone has completed that exercise, then the second person goes and retrieves another tennis ball from whichever cone they want. You cannot send anyone to retrieve until all teammates have finished the specified exercise. This continues until one team finishes all the exercise on all 8 tennis balls. This can be catered to the fitness levels and the amount of people you have at your Q. You can also decide if you want there to be an active rest for the other teammates while their teammate is running for the ball. I had everyone either hold a squat or plank.

The 8 exercises are all different for each team except both teams do 1 lap and 20 pushups. The rest are roughly the same intensity and difficultly. Of course, you can choose your own exercises.

First team’s exercises

  1. 1 lap around the park
  2. 20 pushups
  3. 40 mountain climbers
  4. 10 Pushups with alternating knee to elbow
  5. 10 Chest Pass with Med ball times around (group stands in circle and does a chest pass, making sure each person is far enough away to throw the ball hard)
  6. 10 Tuck Jumps
  7. 10, 3 point jumps (high plank position, take feet and jump to the left, then up to the chest, then out the right, repeat)
  8. 20 Star Abs opp. Hand to opposite foot, crunch/situp to leg lift

Second team’s exercises    

  1. 1 Lap around the park
  2. 10 Squat Jumps
  3. 20 Pushups
  4. 10 Rotation Pushups
  5. Jacknife (also known a a V-up)
  6. Jumping Jack to leg hug 20 (after the jack, squat down and hug your knees)
  7. Kettle bell over under 10 times around (have team line up, first person with med ball goes over head and passes it to next teammate, they go under, and alternate for ten times through. Each person should touch the ball 10 times).
  8. 20 Plank hip twist

Losing team does 20 burpees! BUT, because we are FiA and our motto is “Better Together,” that means we all support one another and we ALL did the 20 burpees.


We had some time so we played Cone Flip.

Workout: Cone Flip

I used the same 16 cones that I used for the first workout but you can use as many as you like.

Spread out the cones, and have half lay flat (hills), and half upside down (valleys).

One team is Team Valleys and the other team is Team Hills. When you say go, Team Valleys has to crab walk to try and flip cones to be”valley” cones. Team Hills has to bear crawl and try to flip cones to be “hill” cones. You can do rounds but we just did it once for about 2-3 minutes. Loosing team can do a workout of the winning team’s choice but we didn’t since we were all laughing so hard!

Cool Down: Walked back to our cars and went for coffee 🙂


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