Hope we don’t have to use our arms later today…
January 12, 2018
1000 Calorie Burn…..
January 12, 2018

Last Ruck of the Year

  • When: 12/31/2017
  • Q: Caliente
  • Pax: Caliente, Safari, Ginger Spice, Mud Pie, Dynamite, Go To Girl- RESPECT, Hot Wheels, Staaster, Squatter

On this, our last ruck of the year, we added some PT challenges.  We rucked up and down the parking deck with squats at the bottom and walking lunges with our rucks held above our head at the top.  We stopped at random intervals and the members of the pax would call exercises to do including hallelujahs, calf raises, wall sits.  As always we leave no person behind.  This is an amazing group of women!!

Happy New Year!

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