Summit Backblast – Labor Day Dance Party!
September 4, 2017
First Q
September 4, 2017

Labor Day Beatdown at Riptide

  • When: 09/04/2017
  • Q: Cajun Queen
  • Pax: CQ, Mako, Sparkle, Hootie, Peak, Lover, Bahama Mama, Echo, Demo, Cargo, Wolfie, Good Vibes, Bratty

Even though some of us started our Labor Day celebration early and missed this mornings workout, ahem, we still had 13 PAX representing Riptide and Carolina Bay at a mini convergence.

We started off with a warmup led by Sparkle, (Thanks mom…I mean Sparkle)

Ran to the pier for the workout.

We did sets of leg/full body excercises, ran the hill and stairs the back. Between each set we did the following:

15 left side crunches, 15 center ab crunches, 15 right side crunches

5 roll and burp-burpees (Rerun’s crazy burpees) OR the option to do regular burpees

10 inch worms with push up.

1st set: lunge three pier lengths, run up sand hill and stairs and back

(complete the excercises above)

2nd: bear crawl three pier lengths, sand hill and stairs

(repeat excercises…you get the point)

3rd: crab walk 3 pier lengths, hill and stairs

4th. frog jump three pier lengths, hill and stairs

5th: side squats, hill and stairs

We finished with an oldie but goodie, ab sallys! ouch.

Finished up with a devotional from Cajun Queen and prayer. Thankful for Mako’s praise report and praying for CQ’s sista and Sparkle’s Daughter, Crocker? (she only came once) as she is being induced tomorrow! Praying for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and how we can make an impact.

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