12/28 Louise PB
December 27, 2017
Winter Solstice Workout
December 27, 2017

Killer Version of “FiA the Musical”

  • When: 12/27/2017
  • Q: Slinky
  • Pax: Pan Am, Pele, Universal, Slinky

It’d been far too long since FiA the Musical made an appearance, so I channeled my inner Gun Show and made up a playlist with some oldies and some new ones. It was super tough; I hope I made Gun Show proud!

  • Happy (Pharrell) – hold a plank, when he says “happy” do a pushup and walkout
  • Womanizer (Britney Spears) – hold reverse plank, do a tricep dip when she says “womanizer”
  • Roxanne (The Police) – burpee when he says “Roxanne,” squat jump when he says “red light”
  • Cups (Anna Kendrick) – squat pulses, broad jump (alternating forward and backward) when she says “gone”
  • Flower (aka Sally – Moby) – pushups or high/low pushup hold
  • Thunderstruck (AC/DC) – squat hold, squat jump when he says “thunder” or “thunderstruck”
  • Push It (Salt-n-Pepa) – hold plank, spiderman both sides when they say “push it”
  • Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake) – hold a glute bridge, do a pulse when he says “sexy”
  • Hey Ya (Outkast) – V hold (abs), and a jackknife when they say “hey ya”
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot (Snoop Dogg/Pharrell) – monkey humpers, snap jump when they say “like it’s hot”
  • Get Your Freak On (Missy Elliot) – bicycles, roll up/jump/roll back down when she says “get your freak on”
  • Mr. Saxobeat (Alexandra Stan) – Side plank dips, switch sides when she says “Mr. Saxobeat” (didn’t make it to this one)

I started a FiA the Musical playlist on Spotify – it’s a collaborative playlist so please feel free to use it again or add to it.


This workout was no joke and I was cackling/complaining about what an evil genius I am. Shoulder still smoked from FRIDAY and this one burned them some more. Thought it was an easy start but I was wrong.

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