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January 12, 2018
January 6th Backblast
January 12, 2018

Kickboxing at #theSwamp

  • When: 01/12/2018
  • Q: Knockout and Rocky
  • Pax: Survey Says, Mint Julep, Restless, House-it, Whaley, FastPass, Speedy, Love All, Fender, Triple Threat, McStuffins, Sunshine, Rocky, Knockout, FNG Emily (Roundkick)

Knockout and Rocky       #theSwamp       1-12-2018


5min warm-up:

20 – side shuffle 3 steps right, cross punch, go back left

20 – wide squat, touch ground, come up with calf raise and arm reach to sky

20 – toy soldiers


30-35min Workout:

2min – squat side kick, alternating

1min – quick jab/cross


2min – back lunge, front kick (right leg)

1min – jumping jacks


2min – back lunge, front kick (left leg)

1min – high knees


2min – quick right knees (arms high to left and then meet right knee across body)

1min – mt climbers


2min – quick left knees

1min – quick jab/cross


2min – push ups

1min – standing mt. climbers


2min – squats (with GOOD form)

1min – alternating front kicks


2min – bridge punches, alternating

1min – quick jab/cross


2min – burpees

1min – wide squat hold with alternating heel raises


2min – front lunges, alternating

1min – high knees


5min cool-down/COT:

20 windmill hamstring stretch (left hand to right foot, straight leg)

Stretch it out

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