Billy Joel PreBlast – 1/13
January 12, 2018
Ragnar Trail Carolinas 2018 Pre-blast
January 12, 2018

Kettlebell Fun

  • When: 01/12/2018
  • Q: Sudsy
  • Pax: Juicy, Gourmet, Needle, Ink, Stretch, Smores, Beaker, Bridle, Rookie, Click

11 PAX showed up during an early morning heat wave for some kettlebell fun. It was a mild morning, light breeze, damp and 62.  We got right into it.

Warm Up

15 Arm Circles Each Forward and Backward – IC

15 Windmills – IC

15 TTT – IC

The Workout

Mosied to the bench:

15 Lateral Raises on each side

15 Tricep Dips with weight

Repeat both one more time


Back to Mat:

20 KB swings, alternating arms

20 Bob and Weave

25 Curtsey Lunges with a press, alternating sides

Single Leg Deadlift with a row – 15 each side

Sumo Squats with lift – 20 total

Standing Core Stabilization – 20 reps

Reverse KB chop – 15 each side

Toe Crunches – 10 each side


Down on Mat:

20 skull crushers

25 glute bridges with weight

Russian twists – 2 reps per person going around the circle twice = 44 Russian twists

Hold one minute plank



Sisterhood Event at Mt. Horeb this evening

FiA Charity of the Year


No specifically spoken prayer requests.


Fight the Urge to Quit   Galations 6:9





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