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April 21, 2017
No Running Cardio!
April 21, 2017

Keep Your Heart Rate Up:-)

  • When: 04/21/2017
  • Q: Tres
  • Pax: Lonestar, Salt, Beehive, Jazzy

The weather was perfect this morning and 4 awesome FIAs came out to sweat with me! We used the Tabata app to keep us on tack this morning and Salt wanted to start with Arms. Here is how it went down:

Equipment: Weights (5-15 lb), Mat

Tabata Settings: Exercise Interval (1 Minute), Rest Interval (15 Seconds), Number of Sets (6 Sets), Recovery Interval (2 Minutes- this could probably have been shorter and added another cycle, but I used this time to explain the next cycle), Number of Cycles (3 Cycles)

Cycle #1 – ARMS (1 minute each w/15 seconds rest) 1- Shoulder Press with dumbbell weights 2- Burpees 3- Push Ups 4- Burpees 5- Tricep Dips 6- (You guessed it;-) Burpees

Cycle #2 – LEGS (1 minute each w/15 seconds rest) 1- Dead Lift with weights 2- Front Kicks (add a hop if you aren’t breathing heavy) 3- Lunges 4- Front Kicks 5- Pulse Squat 6- Front Kicks

Cycle #3 – ABS (1 minute each w/15 seconds rest) 1- Reverse Crunches 2- Plank Jacks 3- Superman 4- Mountain Climbers 5- Russian Twists 6- Plank

Yes, we changed up the pattern on the last cycle b/c, well, 1 minute of plank jacks…

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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