Just listen to the music and ignore the pain

WWM backblast baby it’s normal outside
January 13, 2018
“Guess how many burpees y’all did?!”
January 13, 2018

Just listen to the music and ignore the pain

  • When: 01/11/2018
  • Q: Trails
  • Pax: keys, digger, swtich, stroller, picker,trails,cha-ching

Warm Up:

15 arm circles forward

15 slow rocking butt kickers

15 arm swing lateral steps


The thang

It was a rainy night so we did workouts under the shelter and got all hot and sweaty to despacito.

Circuit 1-30 seconds workout/30 seconds rest  x2

Fake Jump Rope

Big arm Skip



Squat Jumps


Mt. Climbers

Squat Hold


Plank Jacks


Circuit 2-1 minute Jump Rope

30 second mountain climbers

30 second jumping jacks

20 wide leg squats


Circuit 3- x2

1 minute Jog in place

1 minute knee to opposite elbow

30 second butt kickers

20 butt bridges

20 full sit ups


PAX pick to fill in time

20 squat jumps-keys

20 squats-stroller


ACTS prayer

adoration, confession.thanksgiving.supplication



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