Tabata Tuesday 2.0 Backblast
September 21, 2018
EMOTM Friday Circuits
September 21, 2018

Just 10 Backblast

  • When: 09/20/2018
  • Q: Ergo
  • Pax: Doily, POTUS, Shadow, Zoom Zoom, Buckshot, Bones

Ergo led her maiden Q! Great job!

Around the Track:

Walk for 10 steps.

Jog for 10 steps.

Spring for 10 steps.



Side step up left leg 10x

Side step up right leg 10 x

Front step up left leg 10x

Front step up right leg 10x


Water Break


The 10 Thing:

On the mat

  1. Leg Raises 10x (slowly lower)
  2. Glute bridge 10x (hold up for five seconds)
  3. Side leg raises 10x each side
  4. Inside leg raises 10x each side
  5. Fire hydrant with kickout 10x each side

Water Break

On the mat

  1. Push ups 10x
  2. Superman 10x (hold up for five seconds)
  3. Burpee touch inside legs reach 10x
  4. Elbow to knee 10x each side
  5. Sit up reach for opposite toes 10x each side

Repeat mat sets 3 x

Grab water and walk around track to cool down.



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