A Jump Start on the 12 Days of Christmas

Four Corners and a Santa Six Pack Challenge
December 2, 2017
It’s the Holiday Season…
December 2, 2017

A Jump Start on the 12 Days of Christmas

  • When: 12/02/2017
  • Q: Mary Lou
  • Pax: Acadia, Tinker, Dewey, PiHeel, Side Saddle, Jingle, VanGogh (respect), Bagheera, El Paso, Life Jacket (2.0), SUP

This morning was a first for me. First FiA workout where I was still sore from a previous workout! Why is that, you ask? Because Carpex has a Thursday morning workout now! Previously, my aches would be gone between Saturday workouts. It’s a good problem to have, IMO.

A fun Pax showed up sporting their red and green.  How fitting that there were 12 of us for our 12 Days of Christmas Workout! I’m giving the Christmas Spirit trophy to SUP for her sweet Christmas footie pajamas and Christmas tobagan. Too bad it wasn’t colder out, ’cause that get up got hot today!

Top: VanGogh (how does she look so put together?!), Bagheera, SUP, Dewey, Side Saddle. Bottom: Life Jacket, El Paso, Jingle, Mary Lou, Tinker, PiHeel. Not Pictured: Acadia

To start us off, we got the blood flowing with some JJ and pushupless burpees to the tune of Run Run Rudolph.  JJs during the song and whenever you hear “Rudolph” or “Run Run Rudolph” hit the deck with a burpee. To mix it up, during the bridge we did butt kickers.  Two and a half minutes is longer than you realize when you’re doing jacks. The warm up fun didn’t end there. Next we grabbed a partner for some leap frog from one island to the next. Then bear crawl to the next island, then crab walk to the last. I can’t tell if you ladies liked those leap frogs or not…but i heard plenty of laughing so maybe it wasn’t too ridiculous. Also, 2.0 Life Jacket crushed all of us old ladies on the bear crawl.  I guess it’s a pretty usual way to get around when you’re 4!

The Thang: We traveled to the big field for a little Christmas-themed inflator. Each number is your rep. Start at one: all you got across the field and back. Do number 2, then number 1, and so on.

12 Days of Christmas!

1-All You Got (12)
2-Bobby Hurleys (22)
3-Spiderman Merkins (30)
4-Jump Lunges (36)
5-Leg Circles (40)
6-Burpees (42)
7-Overhead Claps (42)
8-Plie Squats (40)
9-Mountain Climbers (36)
10-Star Jumps (30)
11-LBCs (22)
12-Supermans (12)

What did this equate to? 364 reps total! Everyone gets a gold star for pushing through this challenging workout! What was your favorite? I think overhead claps and leg circles (because you got to lay down after burpees). With the number of burpees during warm up, I think we got in more than 50 today!

We moseyed over the river and through the woods back to the parking lot with enough time to do what I will call Duck Duck Leg Throws.  Everyone lays in a circle with legs facing out.  Two people on opposite sides of the circle stand up outside the circle.  While everyone else does heels to the heavens (reverse sit ups) the runners throw down each person’s legs as they go by. When they get back to their spot the next person gets up and throws down the legs, and so on. Who knew heels to the heavens for 3-4 minutes would be so dang hard? Well, it was, but our abs will thank us later!

And after that we were done. I had nothing motivational for today except being thankful for each lady’s attendance and the privilege to workout with them. And a reminder, once again, that ’tis the season to lift our eyes to what God is doing around us and serve and love our neighbors well. I am thankful we have a precious reason to celebrate Christmas at all!

A quick prayer and some candy canes sent us on our way.

-Mary Lou


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