Ruckin’ for the Fourth
July 4, 2018
Jukebox PB – Bring Weights
July 4, 2018

July 4th Convergence

  • When: 07/04/2018
  • Q: CityLifePicklebackChowda
  • Pax: Rapido, Hagrid, Billie, Java, Setter, Houdini, Yellow Hat, Hard Shell, Kraut, FNG Amanda (Boon)

Say what?! 13 PAX on the 4th of July Convergence! How cool is that?! They arrived dressed in their best red, white and blue athletic gear, ready to get this holiday started on a healthy, positive note.

Here’s what went down:

Quick warm-up:

  • 13 ic Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Star Jumps
  • 13 p/s Fire Hydrants

And we’re off to the beach! Mosey away. Pit Stop along the way for 10 Star Jumps.

Upon arrival at the beach, PAX held plank and then all together we did 10 more Star Jumps (are you catching on yet?).

Partner up for a JULY (Dora with 4 parts).

  • 250 Firecrackers (Squat Kicks)/ Run
  • 200 Hallelujahs (No need to rename those)/Bear Crawl
  • 150 Celebrations (Hillbillies)/Run
  • 100 Plank Jacks (Ran out of creativity here – Pretend it says a cool themed name)/Bear Crawl

Sprint to the hill before the water. 10 Star Jumps all together. Bear crawl or lunge walk to the surf. All together – 13 Surfees.

Line up in two lines and march back to the park. Along the way, we mixed up our march with skips, high knees, butt kicks and a little moseying. Pit Stop for 10 Star Jumps.


  • 13 ic Stars (Ocra’s X sit ups)
  • 13 ic Stripes (Legs out straight, full sit up)

COT: Star Spangled Banner

Thank you for joining us on this beautiful holiday morning. The beach weather was perfect for a workout.

Houdini – props for knowing why we chose the number 13

Java, Yellow Hat, Hagrid – way to push us all with the fast pace on the march back

Rapido – hope the leg and foot are feeling better…hydrate!

Billie – your positive, upbeat aura is infectious – thank you!

Setter and Kraut – nice pace on the mosey to the beach!

Hard Shell – maybe next time we can figure out that picture thing

Boon – welcome! strong work pushing through the beach runs

Thanks for letting us Q! And…yes, we did 50 Star Jumps.


Pickleback, Chowda, City Life



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