Jazzy Madness day 1
March 5, 2018
Jazzy Madness-Day 3
March 5, 2018

Jazzy Madness-day 2

  • When: 03/03/2018
  • Q: Jazzy
  • Pax: Pele, Chili Bean, Sike, Lonestar, Juice, Sketchy, Jazzy

Day 2 of Jazzy Madness and I wasn’t quite prepared to be sucking wind with these cold temperatures again. Where’s the warm!!???!! It was also the official day of our new Saturday A.O. Lots of positive changes to kick off March.

Since it is March Madness season, I decided to try and find a basketball inspired workout. I don’t care too much for the sport since I never played on a team but I did find a cardio workout that was basketball inspired. I think my height had a little bit to do with why I never played…..

5 minute Warmup: run in place, high knees, butt kicks, slap back jacks, tin soldiers, windmills

Workout:each exercise was for around 2 minutes (I came ill prepared and didn’t have my timer set so I guesstimated what 2 minutes was)


  • Shuffle, shuffle, touch the ground
  • fast break sprint, jump up and “block”
  • jump to the side and “block” to the left and to the right


  • grab from the left/right then jump up and “shoot”
  • grab from the left/right then “pass” to the other side
  • pass the “ball” under the left leg then the right leg, alternating lunges

Last cardio exercise was…SUICIDES!

We ended doing some ab work to the music. We did LBCs, legs stright in the air and reach opposite hand to foot, side hip dips, side crunches, and others that I don’t remember because I made it up as I went.

cooldown stretch

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