Stair Masters!
July 3, 2018
Tabata Take Down
July 3, 2018

It Takes Two

  • When: 07/03/2018
  • Q: Belle
  • Pax: Gilligan, Kapowski, Battle, Pinkie, Ariel, Gator, Rico, Sparrow, Cannoli, Swiss Miss

11 Pax gathered for a fun partner pyramid this morning.  Temps were mild, but humidity was high and we were already starting to sweat before we even got started!

Warm-Up:  One lap around the pond

The Thang:

Everyone partnered-up (except me 😉 ) and completed the following pyramid:

10 Table-top tricep dips (one pax held crab while the other completed dips off their knees)

20 Squat jumps with a high five

30 ab push-downs

40 Shoulder taps (tapping partners shoulders or hands)

50 Full sit ups with a partner clap at top

40 Shoulder taps

30 ab push-downs

20 Squat jumps

10 table-top tricep dips

Battle and Kapowski powered through these moves and had time for another running lap at the end.  Pinkie and Ariel were super impressive with the tricep dips -which were not easy.  Rico and Gator kept great form and took it slow and steady.  Shout-outs to Swiss Miss and Gilligan for getting lots of air on those squat jumps.  Sparrow and Cannoli had amazing form on the push-downs with impressive abdominal control.

We used the fence for a little barre session:

32 rear lifts, 32 pulses, 24 cross over lifts each leg

Hamstring stretch on the barre

Continued Glute work on the mat with 11s using incline knee press and leg lifts (OUCH!!!!)

20 Leaning Camels to finish

LOVED spending the morning with all of you awesome ladies.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!!!!



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