Killer Queen
July 10, 2018
To Burpees with Love…and some 4 Corners to boot
July 10, 2018

Is it Fall already?

  • When: 07/10/2018
  • Q: Taxi
  • Pax: Belle, Monstah, Jenn-ay, Checker, Mary, Ariel, Swiss Miss, Sparrow, Gator, Journey, Lobster, Cannoli, Diddle, Dixie, Coach K (FNG Kristi)

16 Marvelous ladies met in our usual parking lot on a beautiful morning.  Seriously, it felt like that Spring morning that we never really had!  62 degrees in July?!  We did a quick warm-up and then headed off to jog around the lake- with a few stops thrown in for some circuits.

Warm Up
Toy Soldiers (10 IC)
Arm Circles (30sec each forward/back)
Jog to pull up bars

Each exercise below was done for 1 minute.

Circuit 1
Sumo squats leg lifts
Left Lunge
Right Lunge
Curtsy lunge

Squat jacks
Jumping Jack or Skiing
Star Jumps
jump rope
Jog/high knees to shelter

Circuit 2
Side plank left
Side plank right

Squat jacks
Jumping Jack or Skiing
Star Jumps
Jumping rope
jog/butt kickers to rocks

Circuit 3
Steering Wheels
Tricep dips
American Hammers
Raggedy Anns- Um, I think I actually forgot to do the Raggedy Anns, sorry!!  Next time we can do some extras to make up for my memory loss at 5:30 am.

When given a choice between an extra cardio circuit and Bicep work, the group chose biceps so we did the Bicep Burn-out starting with 5 reps.  The decision was likely influenced by the fact I said the cardio circuit contained Burpees.

With time running out and an FNG to name before 6, we jogged back to the parking lot.  We skipped Mary and did some stretching while circling up for closing thoughts.  A big warm welcome to coach K who on her first day added some walking to the end of her workout!  Way to go!

I had the best of intentions to plan a super fun workout while I was out of town on vacation, but then completely lost track of time so threw this together as usual.  Hopefully everyone still enjoyed a good workout!  As always, thanks for getting up before the sun and working out!  Since our numbers have increased again I didn’t get to work closely with all of you this morning, but I did have a few shout-outs:

Belle- welcome back!  I don’t know about you, but I need to work out every day for weeks to make up for my vacation.  I guess we will be seeing a lot of each other while we try to recover!

Monstah- I did hear Dixie and crew talking about you down there.  It was the “gorgeous” and “long legs” comment that gave it away.

Diddle- Way to catch-up with us and get an extra quick run in!

Dixie- I hear you.  You secretly love bear crawls.  Sorry to disappoint.  I will try to work some in next time just for you! 😉

“Purpose is an incredible alarm clock”. Thank you all for being my purpose this morning.  There was the risk of pillow fluffing had I not been the Q!

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