Thelma BB – First Timer Here…
April 26, 2018
Stand up!
April 26, 2018

In the Cone Zone Backblast

  • When: 04/26/2018
  • Q: POTUS
  • Pax: Doily, Bones, Kid Rock, Dash, Jersey, Poppins

Except for the stretching, all exercises involved use of cones! Prior to everyone arriving, the Q set up cones 4 cones per PAX at 20 yard increments down the field and made stacks of 4 cones per PAX.



Jog to furthest cone, do 10 jumping jacks, pick up cone, jog back, do 10 skaters….until all cones were back on pad.

THE THANG – Each exercise was completed for 40 seconds with a 20 sec rest. Full set was completed 3 times.

Cone stack squat – 4 cones are stacked up. Squat and pick up a cone. Jump and rotate 90 degrees. Squat and set down cone. Jump and rotate back to stack. Pick up cone. Jump and rotate, etc.

Cone stack leg lifts – 4 cones are stacked up. Sit and raise legs over cones and back. Repeat.

Isolated leg lifts – With 4 cones stacked, lift one leg over cones for 20 seconds, then lift other leg over and back for 20 seconds.

Side step & Burpee – Spread 4 cones evenly. Everyone starts at the cone to the left. Step through each cone. When you get to the end of your 4 cones, do a burpee. Then go other direction.

Cone stack plank – Stack 4 cones and do a plank. With right hand, move one cone at a time to the right and restack, then move back to center, then switch hands.

Cone tap skaters – Stack 2 sets of 2 cones about three feet apart. Do skaters and tap your stack at each side.

Side leg lifts and cone tap – Stack 2 sets of 2 cones. Lay on your side. Lift your leg. Bring it back to neutral. Then bring leg forward to tap first cone stack. Bring back to neutral. Lift leg. Bring leg forward to tap second set of cones which is further away.

Switch sides.

Abs with cone – Lay flat on back holding one cone in your hands. Bring arms forward while crunching and bring legs in (kind of a diamond shape). Place cone between feet, then go back to flat position with legs and arms stretched out in a “pencil.” Then bring legs to arms while crunching and place cone in hands, etc.

Cone tap – Stack all 4 cones. Fast tap of feet on cone stack.



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