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January 12, 2018
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January 12, 2018

I’m Sorry not Sorry-Wednesday Night Happy Hour

  • When: 01/11/2018
  • Q: G Spice, S Gold, S Baker
  • Pax: Sugar Baker, Solid Gold, Hobbit, Ginger Spice, Bad Wolf, Clutch, Bean, Pigeon, Flying Pirate, Tetris, Blue Angel, APR, Nugget, The Defender, and Hero

When the practice ruck was moved due to icy weather.  Hotwheels was originally the Site Q and reached out for someone to take her spot while she got her ruck on.  Immediately Sugar Baker, Solid Gold and Ginger Spice volunteered.  We got together and decided who was going to take what part of the workout…Ginger Spice took the core, Solid Gold took legs and Sugar Baker took arms.

The thang…..

  • warm up
    • 10 jumping jacks in cadence
    • arm circles forward and backward
    • partner run to the fence and back 5 times (hold plank or run in place while partner is running)
  • arms-never underestimate the hallelujiahs
    • Jack Webbs
      • 1 push up x 4 hallelujahs
      • 2 push ups x 8 hallelujahs
      • 3 push ups x 12 hallelujahs
      • 4 push ups x 16 hallelujahs
      • 5 push ups x 20 hallelujahs
      • 6 push ups x 24 hallelujahs
      • 7 push ups x 28 hallelujahs
      • 8 push ups x 32 hallelujahs
      • 9 push ups x 36 hallelujahs
      • 10 push ups x 40 hallelujahs
    • biceps-keep your core tight and control your movements with the weights
      • 7 lower bicep curls
      • 7 upper bicep curls
      • 7 full bicep curls
      • 10 Ws (make a W with your weights in hand)
      • Wraps (amraps in one minute-hold the weights parallel to the ground, palm up, while keeping elbows tucked tight and move weights away from each other laterally
    • tripcep
      • 10 tricep side kickbacks starting with weights tucked under the rib cage and moving backward into the kickback position
      • arm sprints (amraps in one minute-one foot forward in a spring position holding weights in hand in an arm sprint fashion move arms up and down alternating as if you were running)
  • Legs
    • Lunge Step ups 2 x 10
    • Lunge Step ups 1 x 5
    • Donkey Kicks
      • Ladder-on each side 16-16, 8-8, 4-4, 2-2, 1-1, 1-1 constant movement, no breaks when switching sides
    • Firehydrant Extensions
      • Ladder-on each side 16-16, 8-8, 4-4, 2-2, 1-1, 1-1 constant movement no breaks when switching sides
  • Core
    • Ladder Exercises (ideally if time permits go back down the ladder)
      • 15 big girl sit ups
      • 15 second plank
      • 30 side plank hip dips
      • 30 second plank
      • 45 heals to heaven
      • 45 second plank
      • 60 bicycle crunches
      • 60 second plank
  • Stretch
  • Name O’ Rama
  • Solid Gold ended with a beautiful prayer lifting up those who are preparing for the ruck event and the unspoken prayers requests.


Since there are no hashtags for the mumble chatter I am going to leave them right here:  #underthestreetlight#inacircle#doinghallelujahs#mustbeacult#snakestood?#really#trousersnake#grubworm#sotiny#iloveyouyouloveme#barney#sorrynotsorry

Being a part of FiA with YOU ALL really makes me a better mom, daughter, teacher, sister, friend and girlfriend.  I see so much beauty in each and everyone of you who is a part of FiA.  You are BEAUTIFULLY and WONDERFULLY made!

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