July 10, 2018
Beautiful Morning for some 11’s!!
July 10, 2018

If it was easy everyone would do it.

  • When: 07/10/2018
  • Q: sisqo
  • Pax: Sox, Treble, Stitches, Lemons, Corabelle, Sunny, Peyton, Marvel, Nasa, Cool Runnings, Passport, Sisqo, Marry Anne, FNG Point

14 Pax hiked up to the top of the BattleField doing 2 rounds of 15x lunge walks, 15x Bear crawls, 15x crab walks, 15x duck walks.

As a group we lined up and did step ups all along the mini wall right into group planks and army crawls underneath.

Partnered up in a wheel barrow position for 5 pushup/ squats each.

12 exercises

Elevator lunge pulses 3 count hop/ switch leg 10x each leg

Push up shoulder taps10x

Tricep Dip negatives slow 3 count 10x

Bear position reach toes 10x

Burpee 3 point turn 10x

V ups 3 count then 3 slow 10x

Cross ankle leg lowers (R,M,L) 15x

Up and Downs side 2 side10x

10 mountain climbers

Glute Bridge leg up 10x each leg

Booty circles 15x each side

2nd round cut every rep in half for time

Go down the hill with same 4 exercises as the beginning(lunge, bear, crab, duck)

Cool Down

R Knee in, outside, and over. Do same for L side

Legs open stretch middle and sides

Sit back stretch arms, triceps and biceps

Slowly come up one vertebrae at a time

Quote: Your not finished in the middle or when it gets hard, your finished when your done with the workout.

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