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February 6, 2018
Cold Shoulder
February 6, 2018

I Workout to … (Your Reason Here)

  • When: 02/06/2018
  • Q: Grasshopper
  • Pax: City Life & Setter

These ladies define “Tough Girl Tuesday” AND Spring is around the corner (Come on Warmer Weather!!!) so there’s no time to mess around.  We got right to it.

(NOTE: Session Exercise Line-up bullets 1 – 8, minus the run, are from “Dumbell Challenge”)

Warm-up with a few “left-center-right” toe touches and arm circles & Disclaimer

The Thang:  several combo moves for 2 minutes using weights to add a level of intensity

  1. Figure-four Raises (Stand on right leg with left knee bent out to side and ankle crossed above right knee, holding a weight in each hand Shift hips back, bending right knee to lower into figure-four position as you raise straight arms up with palms down to shoulder height)
  2. Dead-lift Twist and Curl (single leg dead-lift and as you come up, bend knee and raise to hip height, rotate torso and curl weights to shoulders)
  3. Run – 2 laps around the lot
  4. Lunge with Tricep kick-back
  5. Bridge Crunch (Lift hips so that body forms a straight line from knees to shoulders as you bend elbows 90 degrees to lower weights to hover above forehead.  Lower hips to floor, straighten arms, and curl torso up into a crunch, reaching weights toward knees)
  6. Crunch-n-Curl (Sit up, bringing bent left knee toward chest, rotating torso toward knee, and curling right weight up toward chest. Return to start. Switch sides; repeat)
  7. Sit-up Reach (sit up and extend one leg up and reach forward to touch that foot with opposite weighted hand)
  8. Donkey Kick with Tricep Extension (weight in crook of knee and in opposite hand)
  9. L-Sit strength move (Sit on the floor with your legs straight forward and palms flat by thighs, then elevate your body by pressing into your palms)
  10. Rainbows or Window wipers (Lying face-up, legs together but to the right almost in an L shape, life your legs together and swing to the left in a 180-degree arc)
  11. BURN OUT – we had time to do 2 burn-outs: bicep curls and shoulders.  Whoa-Nelly!!

Name-o-Rama & close out

Thanks to City Life and Setter who worked hard this morning and pushed through.  I can see you getting stronger with every rep!  None of us pulled off the L-Sit strength move but the determination was there.  Maybe by summer we’ll get it 🙂


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