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June 27, 2018
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June 27, 2018

I Strong 💪🏻 You Strong 💪🏻 We Strong 💕

  • When: 06/27/2018
  • Q: Double Mint, Holy Toledo
  • Pax: In Alphabetical Order … 11 Pax: Allegro, Chick-fil-A, Nip Tuck, Nomad, Nurse Ratchet, Paws, Sunrise, Swank, Taz, Zen… you thought you would be last, nope … and Zinnia! )

Date: Wednesday, June 27, 18
Place: The Colosseum
Weather: 68 and a “bit” Rainy
Equipment Needed: Pink shirt, Gloves, Water

Marching 30 yards (high knees)
20 Jumping Jacks in cadence
Continued Toe-Taps on Curb (gladiator run to the front), pax from back sprints to the front. Repeat down curb.
Then Jog the rest of the way to ourFirst Location (parking lot in front of Mt. FiA)

In parking lot- Triangle of cones were placed 25 feet apart. 2 sets of exercise were completed at each cone for one minute. Lunging in-between cones after exercises.
First Cone:
-Sumo Squats
-Standing knee to elbow crunch
Second Cone:
– Skaters
– High Knees
Third Cone
– Toe Taps on Curb
– Crunches

We then Jogged Over to the Base of MT. FiA
We completed a Set of 5 exercises and then we did a hill sprint (repeat 15min. AMRAP)
First Set
– 10 jumping jacks
– 10 regular push-ups
– 10 Jump Squats
– 10 Full Body Sit-Ups
– 10 Total Side Lunges
Hill Sprint
Second Set
– 10 Burpees
– 10 Hand Release Push-Ups
– 10 Squat Jacks
– 10 Mountain Climbers
– 10 Total Forward Lunges
Hill Sprint
Third Set
– 10 Star Jumps
– 10 Close Grip Push-Ups
– 10 Total Squat with Side Leg Lift
– 10 Total Plank Shoulder Taps
– 10 Total Backward Lunges
Hill Sprint
Fourth Set
– 10 Frog Jumps
– 10 Wide Grip Push-Ups
– 10 Pulse Squats
– 10 Total Plank Toe Taps
– 10 Sumo Squats
Hill Sprint
Fifth Set
– 10 Tuck Jumps
– 10 Push-Ups with a Superman
– 10 Total Regular Squats
– 10 Total Plank Hip Taps
– 10 Burpee/Star Jumps
Hill Sprint

STEP 1: The Pax Wanted More So We Started At The Bottom of Mt. FiA and began to bear crawl up … Stopping 1/2 way we held a Plank. Someone from the crowd yelled “what time is it” and that gave us idea for the Clock Workout!!

STEP 2: A number was called and the pax plank walked to that number on their imaginary clock, completing the amount of push-ups corresponding to the number called.

STEP 3: Bear Crawl up the rest of the Hill … if that wasn’t enough someone shouted “more” … So we decided to do 10 burpees.

STEP 4: Side Lunge leaning to the right ½ way down hill, Switch and leaning left Side Lunge down the Rest of the Hill.

INDIAN RUN Back To The Colosseum!

We are so grateful to this group of women that were willing to get up and workout in the rain and that were not afraid to get down on the ground ;o) THANK YOU!

Thank you for making my first Qing experience great! 🙂 – Double Mint

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