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August 24, 2017
Frog Pond Friday PRE-BLAST
August 24, 2017

I love a good partner workout

  • When: 08/19/2017
  • Q: Paparrazi
  • Pax: Monarch, Pioneer Woman, Noah, Thunderstruck, Free Bird, Magnolia, Wonderlust

8 PAX showed up for our 8/19 FiA meet.  We brought weights for the first time to be incorporated into our workout.

Warm Up: 30 seconds each

Arm Claps

Jump Rope


What went down at THE THICKET:

Find a partner!

Partner #1: Man Makers      Partner #2: Side Lunges   – 4 min then switch and another 4 Min

30 second break

Partner #1: Man Makers     Partner #2: Pike Push-up with Donkey Kick- 3 min then switch and 3 min

30 second break

Partner #1: Man Makers     Partner #2: Run around baseball field – 2 min then switch

30 second break

Partner #1: Man Makers     Partner #2: Calf Raises  – 1 min then switch

Grab weights and skip while pumping arms to second bench on creekwalk

Then do 10 frog jumps (still carrying weights)

Jog to amphitheater and find a bench

10 lunges each side with bicep curl in cadence

10 abductors with squat each side with shoulder raises in cadence

Head to grass area for Abs

Partner Plank Hand Claps – 1 min

Partner Resistant Bicycles – 1 min

Partner Side Plank with claps above and below – 30 second each side

Then we circled up and discussed an idea for our first community service.

Prayer Requests: Noah’s baby boy heading to kindergarten, Noah and baby sis, Pioneer Woman’s family friend’s death, Teachers and students heading back to school, Charlottesville, Magnolia’s father

Praise Report: Noah’s family member had a good report on baby!

Announcements: Thunderstruck, Magnolia, and Freebird are heading the the Johnson City, TN launch 8/26/17.  Anyone interested in joining them they are meeting at Ingles at 5:15 am.  We will still be having FiA at the Thicket.


    • Paparazzi_SP says:

      We used weights but you don’t HAVE to. You have the weights on the ground in front of you, bend down with hands on weights and jump legs back like you were doing a burpee, then do a push-up, then row with your right arm, then push-up, then row with your left arm, jump feet in (like in a burpee) and then stand up. I also added at the end a squat and a lunge with each leg while holding the weights overhead (but that isn’t normally part of a man-maker I don’t think). I hope this makes sense!

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