Jukebox BB – Arms, Abs, and Stairs
June 28, 2018
Track BB: Arcadia
June 28, 2018

I Can Do It!

  • When: 06/28/2018
  • Q: Van Gogh
  • Pax: Crisco, Cannon Ball, Helium, Mary Lou & Beam

Thank you to the four amazing FiA’s who showed up at Hunter Games at 5:45 to support my virgin Q! The workout this morning was inspired by Eric Carle’s book From Head to Toe.  One of my favorite children’s book with great pictures, simple text, and a repetitive line of “I Can Do It!”

Warm Up:

We pretended to be a…

Penguin: Turn head from left to right

Giraffe: Bend neck up and down

Buffalo: Shrug shoulders up and down,  roll shoulders forward and backward

Gorilla: Chest taps, arm circles; small and large, and forward and back

Elephant: Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, High Knees, Butt Kickers

The Thang: We did a four corners routine for four rounds that yielded a 1.2 mile run. The four stations were represented by the following animals featured in the book…

Seal: Seal Jacks (25), Star Jacks (10), Jumping Jacks (25)

Crocodile: Alligator push ups (10), Peter Parker push ups (10), Parker Peter push ups (10)

Monkey: Monkey Humpers (20), Orangutang (Duck) squat walk (20), Broad Jump (20)

Camel & Donkey: Camel Walk (20), Donkey Kicks (20), Lunges (20)

On our last trip around we added some LBC’s, dippers, and back in the parking lot some leg lifts!

Cool Down: While we cooled down and stretched…

The Bible has many references to being “A child of God.” For many, we go through the day caring for children and others often putting ourselves last. Each of us has an inner child that needs our love and care. We forget to get quiet and listen to our inner child. E.B. White reminds us “We must always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” I challenge you to write down the five things that bring an immediate smile to your face today and embrace the wonder of your inner child.



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